Working with Michele Riveroll

Perfumers are rare and surrounded by mystery.

Very few people have had the opportunity to use scent as a medium for creative expression. There are reportedly more astronauts than perfumers in the world, according to the BBC. And Dior has described the job of a Perfumer as “the most secret job in the world”.

Perhaps the mystery comes from the origins of perfumery: aromatic extracts were used by priests and wise men and women for religious and spiritual rituals. Initially, only royalty could have access to fragrances.

Or maybe it comes from the synergy of art, chemistry, and philosophy necessary for obtaining aromatic substances and blending them together into “new life forms”, as in the alchemical tradition?

Definitely, the mystery comes from the way Perfumers are formed: mostly as mentees of other Perfumers; knowledge is passed from insider to apprentice. Perfumers undergo rigorous training, memorize the smell of hundreds of ingredients, and spend decades honing their craft. We are half-artists, half-scientists, with a vocation as storytellers. Our job is not merely selling nice-smelling stuff to consumers; our goal is to convey an emotion, create a beautiful moment, jog a personal memory or help people explore and express themselves through the evocative power of scent.

Perfume inspires, fascinates, delights, comforts, and transports. A fragrance can teleport you back to a place in time in an instant, even if in your distant memory.

So maybe the comparison of perfumers and astronauts is a fitting one: both professions involve being transported to a different place – one uses a rocket, while the other uses a fragrant elixir.

Scent is a means of communication: with your inner world, and with all life –and inanimate objects- around you.  To paraphrase my mission:  “Connect YOU with Yourself and LIFE through the Magic of Scent”.

If you want me to guide you in an aromatic journey discovering what you truly like and crave for, exploring your inner landscape, you can book a bespoke fragrance session with me here.

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