Perfumery Intermediate

This is a workshop suitable for people who love fragrance and have some experience blending essential oils and consciously using their sense of smell. Aromatherapists and natural products’ formulators have found this workshop extremely useful.
You will create a fragrance yourself, having the opportunity to work both with natural materials and with synthetic accords, and smell for yourself the different creative possibilities each offers.

This session lasts 3 hours.

Select the date below that you wish to attend. Please note that spaces are limited to 6 per session.


Course Content

In this session you will:

  • Learn to smell like a pro and articulate what you smell in the professionals’ language. This will allow you to better communicate with your customers and colleagues in the field.
  • Get to know the fragrance families and identify those most appealing to your taste or projects.
  • Design your own fragrance from concept to prototypes, ending with your best formula to make and take home.