Helping Clients Connect with Themselves and Life through the Magic of Scent.

Scent, the invisible molecules of communication. We draw them in with every breath, and we take around 20,000 breaths per day!

We take in scents and smells wherever we go and they create strong connections within our subconscious. 

I can work with you to create a unique scent that customers or clients will associate with your brand, creating a lasting memory of their experience with you. 

Breathing is the most intimate connection to our surroundings. To breathe is to smell, and to smell is to breath: to absorb ourselves in what surround us, to take in little bits of life, understand them (mostly subconsciously), and give pieces of ourselves back out for others to receive.

Smell is life’s oldest sense and it starts with inspiration. Not only allows us to take the world around us “in”, but connects us with our innermost selves, with our long-forgotten memories, eliciting emotions and arousing our curiosity.

Work with us if you want expert support, from exploring what scent can do for your brand or artistic venture, to designing fragrant solutions for your products or customers. I love working in close collaboration with small businesses, artists and wellbeing professionals.

You will have access to my expertise and to a large variety of curated molecules and vibrant botanicals.

For You

Working together, we can create a bespoke fragrance that is unique to you. I will guide you through the process of selecting the right combination of scents that work for you. 

For your space

From pop-ups to art installations, creating a bespoke scent for your space can bring a new dimension of experience for those visiting your space. 

For your brand

A signature scent can create a lasting memory of your brand for your customers. Find out how we can work together to design a scent that reflects your brand. 

Client testimonials

Michele has run Perfume and Aromatherapy workshops for Linnels Farm for over 5 years and shares her passion and wealth of knowledge freely. She is a joy to work with and participants on the course depart with so much more than they expected. Life is so much richer with Michele a part of it.

Karen Phillips

Linnels Farm

Michele has an incredible wealth of expertise in perfumery, which is not normally accessible to the general public. We have collaborated in workshops for University students learning about olfaction and health, and participated on one to one sessions. She works in an unique way that draws on and enables your own personal discovery of scent. Michele marries the art and science of perfumery in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and exciting... and I love how her scents make me feel.

Dr. Duika Burges Watson

Altered Eating Research Network, UK

My skin glows! Michele’s products are amazing.  And her workshops give you more than just a wonderful perfume; she provides enough scientific background to satisfy my inner nerd and a chance to be creative and to connect with yourself. 

Kat Olausson

Head of Data & Insight

Bespoke Fragrances

Book a bespoke fragrance consultation, to create a unique scent for you, your brand or your space. 

Let's work together

Everything is possible when creative minds work together! Do get in touch if you want to learn more about what we do; we specialize on tailoring our services to your needs.

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