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We love what we do and want to share the joy.

Working with scent and aromatic botanicals is a unique creative process we rarely have the opportunity to explore.

Our workshops are designed and taught by a real expert, who seemingly brings together scientific principles and everyone’s innate capacity to be inventive and instinctively connect with our deepest selves guided by fragrance. 

Perfumery - Introduction

£90 per person

Discover the principles of fragrance design, guided by a professional Perfumer.

You will be able to create a fragrance yourself, using our palette of beautiful aromatic ingredients. We will use both natural materials and synthetic accords.

Perfumery - Intermediate

£110 per person

This is a workshop suitable for people who love fragrance and have some experience blending essential oils and consciously using their sense of smell. Aromatherapists and natural products’ formulators have found this workshop extremely useful.

Creative Aromatherapy

£75 per person

In this workshop you will go on an aromatic journey where we will work with pure botanical extracts, learning about their origins, therapeutic properties and most importantly, take the time to connect emotionally with plant essences. Because the journey and the destination are equally important and enjoyable!

Magical Botanticals

£80 per person

A workshop for those who already have a reciprocal relationship with the natural world, or are ready to start or deepen this relationship. We will work with beautiful aromatic extracts renowned for their power to elicit and transform emotions.

This workshop makes emphasis on harnessing the positive power of scent, and our inner wisdom and resources, guided by an expert aromatherapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor.

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