Bespoke Aromatherapy blends, handcrafted to suit your needs

Essential oils are complex blends created by plants’ intelligence through thousands of years of evolution; they have their own energy and our bodies are able to recognize and benefit from them through the connection and similarities we share with them as living organisms.

Aromatherapy is plant medicine

All the botanical extracts I use are 100% natural and soil association-certified organic, clinically proven to be very effective

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobials
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Autonomic Nervous System regulators
  • Respiratory system decongestants and tonics

How essential oils can benefit you

Coupled with the right plant seed extracts, at the right concentrations and modes of application, organic essential oils are safe for both adults and children and will take care of:

Bespoke Aromatherapy


Price includes:

– One-to-One consultation process (typically lasts around 40 mins). 

– Set of bespoke products for you to use at home. 

During your consultation, we will holistically explore together the root causes of your symptoms and design the best solutions for your needs and lifestyle. Appointments can be carried out online or in person at our Jesmond studio. 

Follow-up appointments, where we will tweak or refill your products will be required depending on your needs.


To book an appointment, simply select a date and time and I will send you a payment link once your appointment is confirmed. You can choose to pay online or in person on the day.
Alternatively, please get in touch if you would like more information or would prefer to book over the phone:

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