The story behind the scents

Hello, my name is Michele Riveroll and I founded Scentica Studio in 2020 to fulfil my dream of using my skills and energy to create a positive difference in my clients’ wellbeing, while honouring Nature.

My core mission is “Connecting Clients with Themselves and Nature through the Magic of Scent”.

We don’t sell bottles of products to use and consume. We work with each client holistically, offering customized solutions and the opportunity to discover the potential for joy that scent offers.

I am a Creative Perfumer* classically trained within the Global Fragrance Industry.  I am also a Clinical Aromatherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor – scent is a vehicle for healing and self-discovery, as well as a source of joy and pleasure!

For +20 years I worked as a Perfumer for Procter & Gamble. My Perfumery career took me to live in England, and to create multiple very successful fragrances via immersive research and stays in wonderful places like India, China, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Germany and Mexico (where I am originally from). It also gave me the opportunity to work in close collaboration with all major and medium Perfume Houses. My fragrances convey the key functional and emotional properties to win consumer’s hearts, and many consumer’s tests! It is very likely you have at home one of the products with my fragrances, whether you live in Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, India, China or the Middle East.

My passion for Perfumery has not weaned, but evolved. Studying a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy allowed me to rediscover and truly value essential oils as a lot more than beautiful scents which can elicit emotions, bring vivid memories and convey functional properties to products (as if this were not enough!): they are perfect blends created by plants’ wisdom through thousands of years of evolution; they have their own energy and our bodies are able to recognize and benefit from them through the connection and similarities we share as living beings.

I work both with synthetic molecules carefully chosen, and with pure, often organic, botanical extracts from ethical suppliers. Working in a small, personal scale, allows me to be eco-conscious. Working with me you will always be able to learn where the ingredients used in your fragrance or aromatherapy product come from and choose if you want a 100% natural and organic product, a vegan perfume or a composition where particular odour notes play a major role.

I love talking about scent and sharing my knowledge and experience. I have trained multiple teams and individuals on fragrance development and sensory evaluation, including guest lectures at UK Universities. Running workshops for the public and for aromatherapists is one of my favourite activities. You can see and book upcoming workshops and events here.

I work closely with my clients, truly connecting with them as human beings.

I work with Nature, informed by science. My work is evidence-based, whilst highlighting the magic and awe in/for nature, our inner worlds and the unknown.

Thank you very much for reading! Please get in touch and sign up for my Newsletter, I would LOVE to connect with you.
With love,

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